Forum Community Guideline

Real Roots Radio encourages its listeners to communicate with each other in a forum.

This guide outlines the Terms and Conditions for the forum.


Real Roots Radio Community Forum Guidelines

No Illegal Use.

You may not use the Real Roots Radio Forum for any abusive or illegal purpose.

You may not harm minors in any way. You may not “stalk” or otherwise harass other Chatango users.


No discrimination:

You may not discriminate or prejudice on basis of race, ethnicity, place of origin, gender, sexuality or religion. 


No Spam.

You may not use Chatango to transmit junk mail or spam.


Age limitation.

You must be at least 13 years old to use the Real Roots Radio Forum


No Sexually Suggestive or Explicit Content.

You may not post content that is sexually suggestive or sexually explicit, such as pornography, photographic or illustrated depictions of sex acts or sexually suggestive poses, or content that contains a link to an adult website. 


No Explicitly Violent Content.

You may not post content that depicts or promotes violence. 


Real Roots Radio staff and Forum moderators may delete, remove (without notice) any user content, or terminate access of any user in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason. 


All users must adhere to the Chatango Terms and Conditions:


If you need to report a problem, please contact us immediately via Facebook


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